The House of Photography at Deichtorhallen Hamburg is presenting in cooperation with the Museum Folkwang the first retrospective in Germany of the British photographerPaul Graham (b. 1956) with 11 major work complexes produced since 1981. With about 145 images, the exhibition shows a representative selection of his work.

Graham’s work belongs to the tradition of social documentary photography, which was founded by Bill Brandt in England after the second world war and continued by photographers such as Chris Killip and John David. In dealing with it and with American photography from the 60s and 70s, Graham developed an innovate artistic work whose view is directed uncompromisingly at social reality. At a time when art photography is increasingly staged, manipulated or produced in a studio, or when the world is kept at a distance with a cool conceptualized manner, Grahams work distinguishes itself with its constant observation and questioning on the realities of life.

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The book accompanying the exhibition includes three essays by David Chandler, Michael Almereyda and Russel Fergunson as well as an illustrated biography (384 pages, of which 250 in color – price 48 Euro).