House rules


These house rules are intended to make visiting our exhibitions a pleasant experience. Therefore, it is in your own interest to follow the house rules. The house rules are binding for all visitors and apply to all the buildings and areas under the direct administration of the Deichtorhallen, including all outdoor areas. Upon entering these areas and buildings, visitors acknowledge these rules as well as all other regulations issued in order to maintain safety and security. We hope you enjoy your visit. Please note the following rules:


1. It is fundamentally not permitted to touch the exhibits. If an artwork is damaged, the museum attendants have the right to record the identity of the person responsible. Visitors are liable for all damages that they cause.

2. Animals may not be taken into the Deichtorhallen, except guide dogs for the handicapped.

3. It is not allowed to enter the exhibition spaces with large objects of any kind, such as umbrellas, large backpacks, bags, and purses larger than DIN A4 (approx. 20 x 30 x 10 cm). Canes and crutches are allowed in the Deichtorhallen as long as their tips are covered with rubber.

4. The aforementioned objects as well as jackets and coats must be stored in the coat check or in the lockers. The museum assumes no liability for the coat check and the contents of the lockers. For safety reasons, visitors may not carry clothing with them in their arms.

5. Mobile phones are to be set to “silent” in the exhibition spaces. It is not permitted to make phone calls in the exhibition spaces.

6. It is not permitted to eat or drink in the exhibition spaces. Smoking is prohibited indoors at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. This also applies to electronic cigarettes. Notes and sketches may only be made in pencil on paper. It is not permitted to bring or use bicycles, skateboards, inline skates, scooters, etc.

7. Teachers, group leaders, parents, and guardians are responsible for the appropriate behavior of children and young people under their supervision. Children under 6 years old may only be admitted when accompanied by adults. The adults are required to keep the children under constant supervision. Facilities for changing diapers are available in the visitor restrooms.

8. Taking photographs and recording videos in the exhibition spaces is only permitted for personal use. The use of tripods, flashes, or selfie sticks is not permitted. Please note that publishing photos and videos on the Internet and on social media does not constitute personal use and therefore may violate copyrights. Taking photographs and recording videos for commercial and academic purposes and for reporting (press) is only permitted with the approval of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. For copyrighted artworks, only the artist or legal successor can authorize their publication, not the Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

9. If you find any lost items at the Deichtorhallen Hamburg, we ask you to bring them to the museum attendants or the ticket desk.

10. Visitors may not leave the buildings with multimedia guides, headphones, chairs, etc. provided by the Deichtorhallen Hamburg.

11. Passageways, stairs, escape routes, and emergency exits are to be kept clear. Emergency exits may only be used in an emergency.

12. Please ensure that you do not hinder or disturb other visitors in the exhibition spaces. Visitors are asked to refrain from anything that runs counter to good manners or the maintenance of safety and order. The use of radios and televisions as well as musical instruments is not permitted in the exhibition spaces.

13. The management and its representatives have the right to close the exits and check visitors in case of a burglar alarm. In case of a fire alarm or an emergency, all visitors must leave the building immediately. For safety reasons, in such cases items in the coat check cannot be retrieved. Visitors must follow the staff’s instructions.

14. Please note that the Deichtorhallen Hamburg is monitored by camera.

15. The consumption of drugs is prohibited on the property of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. In case of violation, the museum attendants are permitted to issue an immediate ban on entering the buildings and an order to leave the premises.

16. It is prohibited to sleep on the property of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg and in the buildings. In case of violation, the museum attendants are permitted to issue an immediate ban on entering the buildings and an order to leave the premises.

17. Collections (signatures, money, etc.), promotional activities, as well as begging, peddling, and the private sale of all kinds of goods are prohibited. Exceptions require the written permission of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH.


1. The admission fees and opening hours of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg are displayed at the ticket desk.

2. Admission tickets are to be presented at the entrances to the exhibitions. It is prohibited to resell admission tickets.

3. The ticket desks close 25 minutes before the end of the opening hours. All visitors must leave the Deichtorhallen Hamburg by the end of the displayed opening hours.

4. In case of overcrowding or special circumstances, the Deichtorhallen Hamburg can be entirely or partially closed to visitors.

Museum attendants and ticket desk staff are required to ensure that the house rules are maintained. For this reason, visitors must follow the directions of the museum attendants and ticket desk staff. If the house rules or the directions of the museum attendants and ticket desk staff are not followed, violators may be prohibited from remaining in the buildings by a representative of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. Visitors who repeatedly violate the house rules and do not follow the instructions of the museum attendants and ticket desk staff can furthermore be banned from the buildings.

In case of expulsion from the building, the admission fee will not be refunded.

Visitors are liable for all damages that occur due to their conduct. Parents are liable for their children.

The house rules come into effect immediately. The current version is displayed in the foyer of the Deichtorhallen Hamburg. It can also be viewed at the security center in the House of Photography during business hours.

Severability clause
In the event that individual provisions in these house rules become ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of the rest of the house rules shall remain unchanged.

Hamburg, last updated: 10 February 2016

The Management
Deichtorhallen Hamburg GmbH