The exhibition of works by Nobuyoshi Araki (b. 1940), »Silent Wishes«, staged in collaboration with Museum der Moderne in Salzburg, includes some 150 black & white photographs. The works exhibited focus on the early photographs by the young, still unknown Araki, which were taken from the late 1960s to the mid-1970s. There are also examples of his later work that address the calm, erotic Tokyo beyond the hectic business facade.

The heart of the exhibition is the intimate series »My Wife Yoko« from the Museum der Moderne collection, describing and revolving around the artist’s young wife on their honeymoon, in their home, and on excursions nearby. These works are complemented by a series of 12 photographs from 1989/1990, with which Araki accompanied his wife during her fatal illness: »Winter Journey« tells the moving story of bidding farewell. More recent photographs show the photographer Araki as he became world famous: as the narrator of erotic scenes and portraits of females.

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To accompany the exhibition Museum der Moderne in Salzburg has brought out a book with texts by Margit Zuckriegl and Christian Martin Fuchs. It is published by Verlag publication PN°1 Bibliothek der Provinz. 136 pages, with b/w illustrations, size: 30 cm, bound, in German, Price: 22 Euro