Falckenberg Collection 24 June — 11 September 2011

For the first time, Deichtorhallen Hamburg is showcasing the versatile oeuvre of Zurich artist and polymath Dieter Meier – in the form of a comprehensive museum show. The exhibition runs from June 25 – September 11, 2011 at Falckenberg Collection (Phoenix-Building, in Hamburg’s Harburg district). In the 1980s, Meier first became known to the broader general public as part of the music duo YELLO, which is now considered one of the most influential electro-Pop acts per se. At the same time, Dieter Meier was active as a film and videoclip director, and his music videos for YELLO emphatically defined the genre and were constantly on show on MTV. Far less well-known is Dieter Meier’s oeuvre as a Concept and performance artist, starting as long ago as the late 1960s.

A year ago, Dieter Meier for the first time drew on works from his artistic archive for the “En passant” exhibition in Galerie Grieder Contemporary’s Berlin project room. The items shown, many of which were thought to have been lost, are now being displayed in their entirety in the WORKS 1969 – 2011 AND THE YELLO YEARS show. Early experimental films, art/conceptual performances as of 1969 and pieces by YELLO are showcased across three storeys. On show are large-sized prints of his performances, unknown series with Bice Curiger presenting enigmatic objects, an eccentric film by Peter Sempel that uses archive material, unknown audio recordings from Dieter Meier’s work before he joined YELLO and trial shoots for videos. Falckenberg Collection with all the intersecting lines of visions

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Video Dieter Meier on moustaches and scarfs



Published by Walther König with essays by Harald Falckenberg, Dirk Luckow, Max Dax and Peter Weibel as well as a DVD with video and film clips, 240 pages.