Falckenberg Collection 22 March 2013 — 22 April 2014

To mark the opening of IBA Hamburg’s presentation year, British artist ANTHONY McCALL will realize a light project for Hamburg Deichtorhallen, which will begin on 22 March 2013. The project reimagines the »Leap across the Elbe« in visual terms. Three searchlights will project slender beams of white light towards one another from three different locations - from the roof of the SPIEGEL building next to Deichtorhallen in Hamburg Neustadt, from the bunker in Wilhelmsburg, and from the Deichtorhallen - Falckenberg Collection in Hamburg-Harburg, thus linking the Elbe island with both the north and the south banks of the river. Over the year, these three horizontal beams of light will progressively rotate their angles of direction so that, one by one, all sections of the city will become part of this symbolic leap.

Starting ninety minutes after sunset, »Crossing the Elbe« will be visible for 10-minutes every evening for a whole year in most parts of the sky between Deichtorhallen Hamburg and Deichtorhallen - Falckenburg Collection in Harburg.

The project is a collaboration between Deichtorhallen Hamburg and IBA. It was realized by Tim Hupe Architects. We are indebted to the Property Management section of the Ministry of Finance and SPIEGEL publishers for their generous support.

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Video Interview with Anthony McCall